Condolence & Memory Journal

Fred was one of the easiest and best people to work with during my years at Aspentech. Always had time to help and always delivered above and beyond. Condolences to Ellen and family.

Posted by Peter Lewis - Nantucket, MA - Coworker   January 28, 2021

Fred and I heading off to work on a cold rainy day (circa 2001ish). One of many rides to work on the back of the BMW. My helmet wasn't as nice as his, as I got all the wind, rain, bugs or whatever. I remember as I mounted the bike he would always say "gingerly, gingerly...." I hope he and Neil Peart are on a long BMW bike ride somewhere.

Posted by Paul Girolamo - Chandler, AZ - Friend   January 25, 2021

Fred and I were hired on the same day at MIT and other than a few months, we shared an office together for his entire tenure at the lab. He was so kind and there are so many example of Fred stepping up and helping anyone who needed it.
Ride home from work if you were sick - check. Meet you at the lab for a 2:00am software rollout just to keep you company - check. Offer to leave the lab at any time to grab a beer if you were having an off day - check plus. Always willing to give me a ride on back of his beloved BMW bike, he would laugh when I would nearly break his ribs hanging on for dear life while he drove 30mph. He was like a proud father when he introduced me to pizza and beer and I marvelled at how well they went together.
Fred had a thirst for learning, coffee and beer and any event which would include any one of those things, he would attend. Friday afternoons at booth 2 at Margs were some of the happiest times of my life and knowing that I will never get another chance to do that with Fred-DY again breaks my heart. I have so many wonderful memories of Fred and consider myself lucky to have known him.
My condolences to the entire Ziegler family - Fred is with the angels now.

And is probably introducing them to coffee flavored beer.

Posted by Natasha Westland - Carisle, MA - Coworker   January 25, 2021

I met Fred as a sysadmin at LL, he was one of the best problem troubleshooters that I've known, and he usually started the process with "State your question in the form of a question" but he usually solved the problem. We'll miss you Fred!

Posted by Joel Grimm - friend   January 24, 2021


Ellen and Family, my condolences. I haven't seen Fred since his father's passing. I am a cousin on his father's side, my name is Anna. I have fond memories of our childhood in Chicago.

Posted by Anna Martinez - Lathrop, CA - Family   January 24, 2021

I met Fred at GTE/Genuity. We became fast friends over our love of motorcycles, beer and computers. Fred was not only a mentor at work, but in life. While not his own, he introduced me to the phrase "I love you twice as much as yesterday, but not half as much as tomorrow" - a phrase I still tell to my wife to this day. I loved going to Cafe Scientifiques with Fred. It was a great way to share our love of beer and science. I have so many fond memories of Fred. He was always positive, caring and loving, a model in which to live by. May you Rest In Peace and be riding your motorcycle in heaven.

Posted by Michael Baj - Bedford, MA - Friend   January 23, 2021

I had already been missing Fred before I heard the news. But in the last few years, announcements that he would attend our AspenTech alum lunches were big news, a special treat. And pulling up in the BMW was his favorite part. Ellen, the AspenTech family was rocked to hear this and we send out deepest condolences. We had such great time at AT in the 90s, we worked hard and played hard. But he solved so may IT problems and loved quizzing more junior to help them solve their problems. I raise a glass to Fred.

Posted by Eric Carlson - Reading, MA - Coworker   January 22, 2021

Our Deepest Condolences

Posted by Jerry and Marilyn Pye - Medford, MA - Acquaintance   January 22, 2021

My sincerest condolences to Fred's family and all his friends. Chiu-Kwan and I worked with Fred during the early AspenTech days (1985 on). We will always remember him as a dedicated co-worker and a loving single father (at the time) who often took his two young children, Dan and Julie to the office on weekends so that they have a safe place to play while he took care of important IT work for the young company. Fred's office was always open for anyone to drop by for a quick chat on his couch or for help with IT issues. We will miss you. RIP!

Posted by Suphat and Chiu-Kwan Watanasiri - BEDFORD, MA - Coworker   January 22, 2021

My deep condolences to Fred's family. I worked with Fred at AspenTech for the first 10 years. He always just quietly went about doing brilliant things, keeping all the systems running even when the roof leaked and there were icicles on the control panel in the computer room (that was on a Sunday morning when I found Fred working to address the situation). He was incredibly focused, solution-oriented, and always was key to getting the product over the finish line. At the time I didn't recognize how rare a talent this was. I will always remember him with deep respect.

Posted by Betsy Walkerman - UNDERHILL, VT - Coworker   January 22, 2021

What can I say about Fred, to know him was to love him and words cannot begin to describe how heartbroken I am over the loss of my friend. I met Fred on the day he joined Lincoln Lab and fortunately we had an instant friendship that extended outside of work, even if he insisted on using pine for his email at work ( Many will appreciate that). I remember it not working and he asked me for help and I laughed and said whats pine and can't you just use what everyone else uses but we all know his answer :) The first time we went out for a Beer I ordered a bud light and he politely said with a grin we do not allow bud light at this table and maybe you should try Sam Adams and I'm glad he did. This turned into him introducing me to craft beer, the Muddy Charles and helping teach me how to brew beer. We shared many a beer festival, BBQ and he somehow talked me into lectures that served beer, only one who could have done that, plus so many other great times, which were made so much better because he was there. I truly could go on forever. I will miss him and know our gatherings are forever changed. I can still hear him laughing saying that's the soundbite of the night and emailing when he got home Best Night Eva. Godspeed Freddie until we meet again.

Posted by Jimmy Burke - Woburn, MA - Coworker   January 21, 2021

Dear Ziegler Family,

I am sending my sincerest condolences for your loss. Fred was a colleague and a friend. I am deeply saddened to hear the news of his passing. I worked closely with Fred at BMC Software for three years and then again at MIT Lincoln Laboratory for three years. Our small team at BMC looked up to Fred with admiration. We considered him one of the smartest men we knew and held him in highest regards with great respect. He had an ability to connect people together, solve complex problems and make friends in the process.

I was fortunate enough to live around the corner in Medford and got frequent hair-raising rides to and from work on the back of his BMW motorcycle as well as beer deliveries. Fred and I attended lectures at Lars Anderson Auto Museum, as well as other crazy adventures, such as our trip to a Krispy Cream in Connecticut on one cold winter day for fresh donuts.

Fred was such an influence on me; however, he also took the time to learn from other people. He touched the lives of many people and will be dearly missed.

Posted by Paul Girolamo - Chandler, AZ - Friend   January 21, 2021

Fred's coworkers and friends from Aspen were remembering him on an email chain, posting pictures from when his hair was was dark. I had thought maybe it was gray since he was a kid :-) They were having a blast, just like we at Lincoln Lab loved his company so much after hours. He's a wonderful person who made countless friends and brought many people together, and he took so much pride in his family while staying humble himself.

I really miss Fred. There are things I'm just not going to be doing anymore because his company was what made them great.

Posted by Chris Burian - Lexington, MA - Coworker   January 21, 2021

Our condolences to the Ziegler family. We will all miss you. Vlado and I worked with Fred at Aspen Tech for many wonderful years. As many people mentioned, I also learnt so much from Fred anything with respect IT. He explained the most complicated aspect of things in a very simple way so we could understand which means he REALLY knew what he was talking about. We will miss you dearly.
Jila and Vladimir Mahalec

Posted by Jila and Vladimir Mahalec - Ancaster , Ontario, Canada - Coworker   January 21, 2021

I worked with Fred at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He was a good friend and co-worker. He was always willing to help. My sympathies to his family. I will miss him.

Posted by Michelle Hurt - Nashua, NH - Coworker   January 21, 2021

Happy memories of Fred at Holidays. Always interested in his book choices. He will be missed.

Posted by Susan Dority - Braintree, MA - Family   January 21, 2021

They broke the mold when Fred entered the world.
Fred took me under his wing when I joined Aspen in 1990.
I owe so much of my professional Information Technology career to him.
I have so many great memories.
I stayed in touch with him after our Aspen days parted often meeting up with him for a beer or more....
I will miss him ....

Posted by Bobby Coppins - Reading, MA - Friend   January 21, 2021

My sincerest condolences to Fred's family and all of his many friends. I worked with Fred at AspenTech for many years and learned so much from him. Just asking him an IT question was like taking a MasterClass in IT -- he helped us to help ourselves by teaching us so much. Great guy, smart and fun. Fred you are missed! RIP.

Posted by Susie Robson - MA - Coworker   January 21, 2021

Very sorry for your loss. I worked with Fred and loved to pick his brain about the system we worked on. He was so knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions.

Posted by Jason Kelsey - Coworker   January 21, 2021

I worked with Fred at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I remember him as being extremely knowledgeable, well mannered, friendly, and soft spoken. He was a gentleman and he will be missed. My sincerest best wishes and prayers to his family.

Posted by Michael Carpenter - Lexington, MA - Coworker   January 21, 2021

Condolences to the Ziegler family for their loss. We will always remember Fred's smile and kindness.
He was a good father and a great neighbor,he will be missed.

Posted by Luigi and Antonietta Palazzo - Medford, MA - Family Friend   January 20, 2021

I worked with Fred at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He was very knowledgeable with his work, always pleasant and friendly, always happy to advise. My interest is automobiles, and I loved hearing his stories about his BMW repairs. His passing is very sad. My condolences to his family.

Posted by Vito Cavallo - Lexington, MA - Coworker   January 20, 2021

Fred gave our family many happy memories whether in Medford for Christmas dinner with his famous fried turkeys or in Harwich with his midnight fireworks on Fourth of July. We will miss him terribly.

Posted by Mary and Edward Driscoll - Plymouth, MA - Family   January 20, 2021

Fred introduced me to Doyle's Pub, Mr. Bartleys and many other iconic will be missed!

Posted by Bobby D'Ambrosio - North Andover, MA - coworker   January 20, 2021

I worked with Fred for years at Aspen. I worked at MIT and then moved over to Aspen. Fred always had a couch in his office (and I think he slept there many a night). Working at a start-up company you wear many hats and people became life family. It was some of the best times of my life. Although I haven't seen him in so many years, he was someone I will always remember fondly.

Posted by Pat McLaughlin - Duxbury, MA - Coworker   January 20, 2021

I was an office mate with Fred for about 3 years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He was really good at his work and worked hard at it. We would get to work about the same time 6:30am, he would ride his motorcycle anytime of the year even in questionable weather, we shared his stories of keeping the 2 motorcycles working. I enjoyed our talks and his sense of humor, he would invite all to join him on many topics from work, fun stuff, and many stories. Our time we spent together was refreshing to me. God's Blessings to you, family and friends. John Courtney

Posted by John Courtney Courtney - Hudson, NH - Friend   January 20, 2021

I worked with Fred at BMC for a time. I was lucky to have met him.
I am very sorry to hear about his passing.

Posted by Brent Magnant - South Burlington, VT - Coworker   January 20, 2021

You are with the angel andin their loving arms.

Posted by Patricia Golman - Peabody, MA - Acquaintance   January 19, 2021

I first met Fred at GTE, which later became Genuity. We shared a love of brewing beer, motorcycles and computers. In many ways, not only was Fred my mentor at work, but in life. While not his own, he introduced me to the phrase I love you twice as much as yesterday, but not half as much as tomorrow, a phase I still tell my wife. I loved going to Cafe Scientifiques with Fred. It was such a perfect combination of enjoying our love of science and beer together.
Fred, may you Rest In Peace. I hope you get to ride your motor cycle in heaven.

Posted by Michael Baj - Bedford, MA - Friend   January 19, 2021